Algolia’s founder Nicolas Dessaigne on Hiring for Growth and When to Layer Sales onto a Self-Serve Product

Nathan Wangliao1 min read

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How did a startup founded in France go to YCombinator and become a $2.2b product-led success story? We spoke to Nicolas Dessaigne, Algolia’s founder who is now also a Visiting Partner at YC to hear his lessons learned from growing a developer-oriented, API-first PLG company.

In this episode, we discussed:

  1. Why Algolia brought on a People team to help with recruiting when the company only  had 25 employees
  2. How Nicolas built a culture of ownership that he believed was key to Algolia’s success
  3. When and why Algolia decided to layer on a sales team to supercharge its product-led growth
  4. Growth lessons from the different stages of Algolia’s journey: $0-1m ARR, $1-10m, $10m+

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