Product-Led Sales at Dropbox, Facebook Workplace, Productboard, and Clockwise | Kevin Nothnagel, VP of Sales at Clockwise

Nathan Wangliao1 min read
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Episode summary

When it comes to Product-Led Sales, it’s hard to beat Kevin Nothnagel’s resume. Kevin has spent the last 7 years in Sales roles at product-led growth companies, starting at Dropbox, before moving onto Facebook, Productboard, and now Clockwise. 

Listen to this episode to find out:

  • Why Kevin chose to do a rotation in Sales Strategy and Ops, and how that made him a better seller 
  • How product led selling has changed since 2014 
  • The lessons from selling an enterprise software in a consumer company at Facebook
  • How different companies equipped their sellers with product usage data
  • What skillsets or knowledge product-sellers should focus on

Connect with Kevin on Linkedin or Twitter, and also check out Clockwise!

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