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Earl Lee2 min read

A fresh start to how products are sold

Product-led growth is transforming how sales and revenue teams work, and HeadsUp is here to help

The world of enterprise software is changing. Revenue teams are facing new challenges, and need a new set of tools to meet these challenges.

In the past, companies served a few large enterprise customers. Software was sold to executives, so when you go-to-market, you just had to focus on their needs.

In today’s product-led era, companies create user-friendly and lightweight apps that serve thousands, even millions of people. As revenue teams, how do you continue to stay close to these users?

To make matters worse, existing tools are not built for product-led growth. Handling so many users simply isn’t natural to them. They do not let you fully leverage your data. Most importantly, they don’t look like the products you make: they are not intuitive to use, and take months to implement.

HeadsUp’s goal is to help you maintain a deep understanding of customers. Our platform provides visibility on the user behaviours you care about. We’ll tell you which customers to focus on, when to reach out, and what the best playbook is. We’ll also learn from you and provide more tailored recommendations over time. Best of all, you don’t have to write a single line of code.

We believe the best way for revenue teams to maintain their customer empathy in the product-led era is actually through the product itself. Today’s companies collect more data than ever when their products are used. Data that is siloed in places like the data warehouse, CRM, billing systems. Data that isn’t used by the most important people in the company – revenue teams.

Your revenue teams shouldn’t feel like they are shooting in the dark. HeadsUp takes away all the uncertainty, all the busy-work, leaving reps to do what they do best – understanding your customers and talking to them.

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