Org Charts
Org Charts

Webflow: How to grow by “giving away your Legos”

A breakdown of Webflow's org chart and its latest hiring practices

Laura Peng8 min read
Org Charts

Figma: Redefining the boundaries of design, again

We analyzed Figma's org chart and its growth journey to understand its grand vision for design

Laura Peng9 min read
Org Charts

Airtable’s org chart: a hybrid approach

The Airtable org chart and how its hybrid GTM approach is serving its full spectrum of customers.

Laura Peng10 min read
Org Charts

Retool’s org chart: small but mighty

What is retool's org structure? In this post, we break down the retool org chart across its teams, from sales to product to engineering.

Nathan Wangliao7 min read
Org Charts

Notion’s org chart: a closer look at a product-led rocketship

In this post, we look at Notion's org chart and team composition. Find out what a successful product-led company in hyperscale looks like.

Nathan Wangliao4 min read

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