Openview’s Kyle Poyar on How to Price Your Product and SaaS Pricing Strategy

Nathan Wangliao1 min read
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Kyle Poyar is a Partner at OpenView, responsible for advising portfolio executive teams on strategies to increase revenue growth. Kyle has particularly deep expertise in SaaS pricing strategy, having written an entire book on it (link below), while also working on it as a consultant for almost 6 years before he moved into VC. 

In this episode we covered:

  • Why companies tend to underinvest in pricing (10:00)
  • When a startup should begin to seriously think about pricing and packaging (13:40)
  • Who in a company should form part of the ‘pricing team’ – is it a dedicated specialist, sales, marketing, or product? (20:30)
  • Kyle’s process for companies that want to kick off a SaaS pricing strategy review 
  • How PLG companies should think about pricing (25:30)
  • Why usage-based pricing is often under-rated as an approach (30:28)

Readings mentioned in this episode:

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