Product-Led Sales Teams Should Put On Their Marketing Hats | Pete von Burchard, VP of Sales at Wistia

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As a marketer of a product for sales teams, I was pretty excited to speak to Pete von Burchard. He’s a seller selling to marketers!

At Wistia, Pete and his colleagues truly understand their customers. 

They see go-to-market as a holistic craft blending product, sales, and marketing. If you need any proof of that, just check out their videos on youtube. They range from videos featuring their sales teams to a full-blown cartoon series!

Pete shared some great tips on: 

  • How Sales in PLG should work on customers across the journey, not just at the point of conversion. 
  • How Wistia thinks about PQLs, usage milestones, and identifying the right signals that predict conversion. 
  • What sellers in a PLG company should focus on, especially if they are looking to upskill themselves

Check out Wistia’s cartoon series – it’s super fun!

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