Why CircleCI made its free plan even more generous | Sammy Shreibati, VP of Product, Growth at CircleCI

Nathan Wangliao1 min read
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How do you design the perfect SaaS free plan?

CircleCI re-designed it’s free plan recently, giving users up to 3x more credits and unlocking features that were previously only for paid users.

While a ceiling on a free plan is better for conversion, sometimes optimizing for that one metric is too short-term.

CircleCI made the decision to enhance their free plan after speaking to users.

They realized that a better experience for these users would:
– increase engagement
– allow users to get a deeper experience of the product
– help with users who are choosing between competing solutions

We spoke to Sammy Shreibati, CircleCI’s VP of Product, Growth about this decision. We discussed how to think about structuring your free plan based on your objectives and the nature of your product.

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