3 growth experiments that improved Github’s conversion by 20+% | Thibault Imbert, VP of Marketing and Growth, Github

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In 2020, Github ran a simple 2 week experiment.

The result? Dramatically more free AND paid signups.

Sounds too good to be true? Here’s how 👇

Thibault Imbert leads Growth at Github.

When he first took over, he looked for somewhere where his team could get a quick win. Something simple but impactful.

He landed on the pricing page.

Here are the 3 changes the team made to the pricing page that produced MASSIVE results on conversion:

1. Visual contrast between tiers. The old pricing page showed the features offered by free and paid tiers. But the number of features looked similar. The growth team changed it so that visually the higher tiers had many more features displayed than the lower tiers.

2. Emphasizing features that customers cared about. After interviewing customers, the team realized a lot of the features that drove them to upgrade weren’t the emphasized by the pricing page. This was a simple fix.

3. Making the page prettier. “We used different colors to make the page more vibrant. We also removed one of the tiers that we weren’t even trying to sell anymore. It’s much cleaner now.”

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