When to adopt product-led growth and when to ditch it | Troops founder Scott Britton

Nathan Wangliao1 min read
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Scott Britton founded Troops in 2015. Troops started off completely product-led. Then, it took away the self-serve motion and became sales led. Now, it’s back to product-led growth. 

Why did they make so many transitions? What was the framework that Scott Britton, used to decide what to do? And what are some of the limitations of product-led growth that Scott discovered over his 6+ years growing Troops to a Series B company?

Listen to this episode to find out:

  1. How Troops found product-market fit, and how it started as a skincare company 
  2. Why did Troops transition away from PLG and then back again
  3. What the downsides of PLG can be and how to overcome them
  4. How Troops uses data in its own go-to-market motion

Check out Troops.ai and their new product, Grid

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