Made for product-led sales teams

HeadsUp taps into your product usage data to help you identify and close your most valuable customers.

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Get started in less than 5 minutes,
with 3 easy steps.

You don’t need heavyweight dashboards or Go-To-Market tooling to understand your customers

Connect to Segment or your data warehouse
Select metrics and scores you want to sync
Sync to Salesforce, HubSpot and other CRMs

Supercharge your sales teams

Effortless prioritization

Prioritize your outreach with usage data. Use details such as whether users are reaching the limits of the free tier to focus your upsell efforts.

Understand the customer journey

Get visibility into where your customers are in their journey. Unblock customers who are stuck.

Refine your approach

Inform your approach with product and customer data:
  • Know when is the right moment to reach out
  • Offer the optimal package based on usage
  • Identify power users and potential champions

Slice and dice your data. No code needed.

  • Intelligent identification of usage patterns that predict conversion, upsell, or churn
  • Easy creation of custom KPIs and metrics to track usage, or rely on templates for common metrics
  • Measure the impact of your actions on product usage and conversion

“HeadsUp has been a game-changer for us. We now know exactly which users we should be spending time with.”

CEO & Founder of Saleswhale

Plays well with others

HeadsUp integrates with your whole suite of tools,
and you don’t even need engineering to set it up.

HeadsUp is SOC II certified

Secure & compliant

SOC 2 Type 1 certified. GDPR, CCPA, Pen test

Out-of-the-box insights to identify churn risk and upsell opportunities

Preconfigured metrics give you visibility to drive account expansion

Feature Usage

Active Users

Customer 360 View

Upsell Opportunity Score

Activation Score

Customer Health Score

Make the most of the data you have

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