Score leads and accounts

No SQL, No Code required.

Above the clouds.

Put your product usage data on autopilot.

Don't waste time building pipelines from your data warehouse to SaaS tools like Salesforce. HeadsUp handles the integrations so you can focus on bigger problems.

Prebuilt integrations give you a pulse on leads

  • HeadsUp is built for marketers and growth teams. With a few clicks, create useful metrics and sync them from your data warehouse to your tooling stack, unlocking insights and valuable leads.

Customer Health Scores and Product Qualified Lead Scores

  • Create and modify best-in-class Customer Health Scores and Product Qualified Lead Scores using our score creator. No SQL or engineering required. HeadsUp will automatically tune and improve scores over time.

Drive outcomes
for Marketing, Sales
and Customer Success

Designed for


Writing code isn't part of your job description.

Easily pull product usage metrics for your customer-facing teams, without having to pull resources from your data analysts and engineers.


Give your sales people a pulse on prospects.

With HeadsUp, Sales can use data on PQLs to target their sales process and improve close rates.


No more one-off SQL requests
from client-facing teams.

No need to maintain cumbersome data pipelines for them, either. HeadsUp allows you to focus on work that is strategic and highly visible.


  • Sync customer insights into your favorite business applications

Score leads
and accounts without writing SQL or code.

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