Security. By design.

We are committed to security and keeping your data safe. HeadsUp follow industry-leading standards and is prepared to serve use cases of any size.


SOC 2 Type II


Simple, Safe, Secure

HeadsUp offers security and scalability you can rely on

Data encryption at rest and transit

Your data is encrypted when stored on our servers and is always protected by TLS in transit.

Best practices for developing secure software

We have a seasoned engineering team that previously operated at scale at Google, Amazon, and in highly regulated and secure industries. We are familiar with security and compliance requirements.

Built atop the world’s most secure cloud infrastructure

HeadsUp utilizes Amazon AWS, Heroku and hosts our servers in the U.S where we only work with cloud providers whose data centres are SOC 2 and ISO 27001 certified.

Built to scale from Day 1

With our modular, service driven architecture we are build to allow for fast and elastic scaling that is able to handle large, variable loads.

Commitment to Privacy

Data Transfer Practices

We offer Standard Contractual Clauses for compliant user data transfer and storage outside of the EU.

Privacy Policy

Our Privacy Policy honours both the CCPA and GDPR.

Privacy by Design

Your data is ours to own. HeadsUp does not sell our customers' user data. It is not our business model.

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