How Robocorp improved upsell by leveraging its usage data to identify Product Qualified Leads

Robocorp is an open-source Robotic Process Automation platform that allows teams to replace repetitive, time-wasting manual tasks with fast and reliable robots.

Unlike restrictive incumbent RPA tools, Robocorp’s open source consumption-based pricing platform offers businesses a simple and scalable automation solution.

Robocorp closed a $21M Series A round with investment led by Canvas Ventures with participation from firms like Benchmark, and Firstminute Capital. Since then, it has been doubling down on its product-led growth engine, driving rapid expansion through its self-serve product, Robocorp Control Room. Through it, businesses can deploy, monitor and manage automations in one centralized orchestration platform.

From latent usage data to actionable user insights, with the HeadsUp PQL creator

One challenge Robocorp faced in pursuing growth through its self-serve product was the question of how to effectively scale sales operations.

Dozens of new users were signing up each day for the Control Room product, and there was no way that the company’s small 2-person sales and customer engagement team could effectively engage and upsell each one.

It would also have been a waste of time to do so. Some users, for instance, were logging in and creating robots only as part of Robocorp’s free Software Robot Developer Beginner’s course, rather than out of genuine need to use Control Room for their business. These users were unlikely to ever convert soon to paying customers. But who was a real potential customer and who wasn’t? Robocorp needed a way to identify users who had realized sufficient value and who demonstrated sufficient intent to upgrade, and prioritize those for upsell.

Chris Etheredge, Robocorp’s VP of Sales and Customer Operations, knew that the answer to this would have to be found in leveraging product usage data. Certain actions users were taking within the product probably were going to offer a good signal of whether users were leads qualified for sales outreach and upsell.

“Our partnership with HeadsUp has given us an increased amount of proactive visibility into our extensive and often anonymous user community and helps us better identify where to focus our sales and customer success teams.”

Chris Etheredge, VP of Sales and Customer Operations, Robocorp

In fact, Robocorp was already collecting this data—both in Segment and also in Hubspot. But the team wasn’t sure how to effectively use this data, or what usage criteria to track, in order to inform customer engagement and upsell.

Here’s where HeadsUp’s Product Qualified Lead (PQL) identification process and creator tool helped. Without any extra engineering effort, Robocorp was able to plug its usage data into HeadsUp’s platform, and configure relevant usage criteria that would qualify users for sales outreach.

Instead of relying on intuition, Robocorp’s team is now able to leverage usage data to track and flag users for upsell. Robocorp’s GTM team gets an automated ping in Slack whenever a user completes a certain set of actions that qualify it as a PQL. For example, one basic PQL Robocorp established immediately was an alert for users who created 5 or more new robots in the last 60 days. Robocorp’s sellers are thus able to focus on upselling only to users most likely to convert to paying customers.

HeadsUp’s PQL platform also allows smooth collaboration within Robocorp’s team. HeadsUp’s Slack UI allows Robocorp’s sellers to mark PQLs as contacted or unqualified—a convenient way for the team to ensure that every PQL surfaced each day is addressed. If contacted, the Slack UI marks the PQL as engaged and prevents duplicate outreach. If unqualified, the interface prompts sellers to explain why and collects data for further backend analysis. The snooze function also allows sellers the option of engaging at a later time if they deem it more appropriate.

Next Up with HeadsUp for Robocorp

With automatic Product Qualified Lead identification and alerts, Robocorp now has a systematic, real-time system to detect and engage potential upsell opportunities. Chris and his team are now able to zoom in on users who have shown high engagement with Control Room and reach out to them at the right time.

But what really excites the Robocorp team are the new and upcoming features that are being introduced into the HeadsUp PQL platform. With the latest metric configurator and account-level PQL creation, Robocorp can now use complex criteria to define more precise PQLs and track usage behavior at an aggregate level across customer accounts.

Moving ahead, Robocorp also anticipates HeadsUp’s deep intelligence features helping to automatically surface new, non-obvious PQL criteria with high correlation with conversion, to augment the PQLs its team already relies on for upsell prioritization.

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