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segment founder podcast

Segment’s Founder Calvin French-Owen Shares His Framework for Deciding If You Should Be Product-Led

Hear about how Segment found go-to-market fit, and how to decide if you should be product-led

Nathan Wangliao1 min read
retool org chart

Retool’s org chart: small but mighty

What is retool's org structure? In this post, we break down the retool org chart across its teams, from sales to product to engineering.

Nathan Wangliao7 min read

Recruiting in a busy market? Here’s how to beat the odds

How do you attract good talent in a competitive hiring market? Here are a few tips.

Momo Ong3 min read

Algolia’s founder Nicolas Dessaigne on Hiring for Growth and When to Layer Sales onto a Self-Serve Product

How did a startup founded in France go to YCombinator and become a $2.2b product-led success story?

Nathan Wangliao1 min read

Nicolas Dessaigne: Prioritizing hiring and culture helped Algolia scale fast

Nicholas Dessaigne shares with HeadsUp why he believes every startup founder should prioritize hiring & organizational culture above all

Momo Ong5 min read

Building a world-class onboarding experience | Esben Friis Jensen, Userflow

Esben Friis Jensen is the co-founder of Userflow, a user onboarding software.

Nathan Wangliao1 min read

How to identify users ready for upsell, with PQLs

A tactical guide on how to use product usage data to identify upsell opportunities

Earl Lee8 min read

Julio Bermúdez: Product-Led Sales requires a change in mindset

We talked to Julio, VP at Amplitude about what product-led means for sellers and how their role will evolve

Nathan Wangliao5 min read
go to market strategy B2B startups

The evolution of go to market strategies of B2B SaaS in 3 charts

See how the top 30 SaaS companies changed their GTM strategies as they scaled, layering on sales and relying less on product-led growth.

Nathan Wangliao4 min read

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