How Evernote worked with its data team to boost conversions | Senior Director of Product, Growth at Evernote

How does data from its hundreds of millions of users help boost Evernote's growth?

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Why CircleCI made its free plan even more generous | Sammy Shreibati, VP of Product, Growth at CircleCI

How to structure your free plan so that it fits your needs and your product.

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Remaining focused on SMBs as an IPO company | Grant Freeman, Chief Customer Officer of Thryv

Learn how Thryv continues to focus on SMBs as it scales.

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Uncommon lessons scaling Hubspot from seed to IPO | Mark Roberge, Founder & MD of Stage 2 Capital, former CRO of Hubspot

Lessons from Hubspot's former CRO, especially on how to survive the transition from a traditional top-down company to product-led growth.

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How Very Good Security made PLG its competitive edge | Mahmoud Abdelkader, Co-Founder & CEO of Very Good Security

Very good security takes customer obsession to a whole new level. Find out why this made them really really good at product-led growth.

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Perpetua’s approach to building an outstanding user experience | Joe Rideout, Co-President at Perpetua

What initiatives did this 5-year-old PLG company adopt that helped their user experience improve dramatically?

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Expanding into a new market via an internal startup | Vojtech Boril, VP of Growth & Marketing at Kontent by Kentico

Are most startups one-hit wonders?

 Find out how Kontent by Kentico engineered a second act with a breakthrough product.

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How LaunchDarkly equips its Sales and CS teams with PLG signals | Sydney Ziegler (Customer Success), Kevin Gemulla (Sales), Joe Ryan (Chief of Staff – Revenue), LaunchDarkly

Find out how to leverage your product usage data to help sales and customer success teams engage your users better.

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PLG secrets to drive monetization and expansion | Rajan Sheth, Partner at Hypergrowth, fmr VP of Growth and Self-Service at JumpCloud

Rajan led growth and go-to-market at Jumpcloud and Heroku. Find out how he takes products to millions of users and 8 figures in revenue.

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