Uncommon lessons scaling Hubspot from seed to IPO | Mark Roberge, Founder & MD of Stage 2 Capital, former CRO of Hubspot

Nathan Wangliao1 min read
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Most traditional SaaS companies will not successfully pivot to PLG.

They will be disrupted by PLG challengers just like on-prem companies vs the cloud.

This was a surprising learning in our latest podcast episode. Mark Roberge runs Stage 2 Capital and was CRO at HubSpot. He’s seen how hard it’s been for many top-down companies to try to go bottoms-up.  

Listen to the episode to understand:

  1. Why it’s so hard to pivot into PLG
  2. The only way to survive the transition if you are dead set on becoming PLG – the playbook that Hubspot used
  3. How to develop your PLG go-to-market tech stack and why growth stage companies are better off buying tech rather building in-house

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