How Netlify built its PQL engine with data | Drew Teller & Visakan Jayakumar, Growth at Netlify

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When it comes to PLG, Drew and Visakan are pros.

And they work on a product used by 2 million developers. 2 million. 

We spoke to them about Netlify’s open source beginnings, how they think about Product Qualified Leads, and more in this episode of the podcast. 

One MUST LISTEN part of the podcast is when Drew and Visakan went really deep into how they kickstarted their system for identifying PQLs.

From building out the initial list of product signals to look out for, to deciding how to work together across growth, sales, marketing, and data teams. 

There are a lot of articles about PQLs out there.

There aren’t very many operators going really step by step into how they did it. 

Listen to this episode and you can actually bring Drew and Visakan’s learnings to your own product tomorrow.

Connect with Drew and Visakan on Linkedin for more information.

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