Building 2 product-led startups, and how to layer on sales to grow to $10m+ ARR | Ravi Parikh, founder of Airplane and

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Episode summary

Ravi was doing product-led growth before it was cool. After spending a year as a DJ post-graduation, Ravi started Heap. He grew it to 8 figures in revenue, raised ~$100m in funding, and today Heap is a leader in the product analytics space.

Ravi is now onto his second product-led startup: Airplane.
In this episode, we cover:

  • What was different about starting a SaaS company in 2013 vs today (5:02)
  • What Ravi thinks about the rising popularity of product-led growth (12:50)
  • How Heap’s PLG motion evolved at each stage of its growth (17:52)
  • How to know if your pricing should be fixed or priced separately for each customer (22:55)
  • Hiring generalists vs specialists, and how to help the generalists you hire grow (28:06)

To read more of Ravi’s thoughts, take a look at his pieces on the Airplane blog, it’s a phenomenal source of knowledge for B2B builders.

P.S. Check out Airplane, if you’re an engineer looking to transform scripts and SQL queries into robust internal tools for the rest of your company. 

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