HeadsUp achieves SOC 2 readiness in record time

Momo Ong3 min read

What is SOC 2?

SOC 2 is one of the leading security compliance requirements for SaaS companies and ensures the safety and privacy of our customers’ data. There are five key principles addressed in the SOC 2 framework for safeguarding data: security, availability, processing integrity, confidentiality, and privacy of customer data.

Why did HeadsUp prioritize SOC 2 compliance?

HeadsUp’s mission is to help Go-To-Market teams grow revenue by unlocking the value of customer data in organizations. For us to succeed at our mission, clients like you need to trust that we act with the highest standards of security, reliability, and privacy towards data.

Because SOC 2 compliance is the gold standard, we worked tirelessly towards it and are amongst the youngest firms to be certified. Companies typically achieve certification 3-4 years into their lifecycle and certifciation often occurs after Series B for venture-backed companies.

What did we do to achieve SOC2 compliance?

To achieve SOC 2 Type 1 certification, we implemented required security controls, policies, and procedures. These range from technical checks like penetration testing and vulnerability scanning to processes like background checks for new joiners and compliance training for all.

Momo Ong
Momo Ong

Following the implementation of the above controls and processes, we passed an audit by Johanson Group, our independent examiner. The audit report is available on request, under NDA.

What does HeadsUp’s SOC 2 compliance certification mean for you?

When you work with HeadsUp, you can be confident that even though we are a young company, we treat your data with the highest standards of security, reliability, and privacy. Said another way, when you use HeadsUp, rest assured that our processes pass a bar that marquee companies like Segment and Salesforce also adhere to. You can also be confident that they will meet the standards of your IT department.

Compliance next steps

We are now working towards SOC 2 Type 2 certification over the next 6 months. Achieving this certification will signal that we have not only met high standards but also successfully upheld them over a significant period. We will also undergo recertification annually to certify that there are no lapses in our checks and processes.

Beyond certifications, we adopt a culture of privacy and security by design where we constantly evaluate the security of our code, product, and processes.

About HeadsUp

HeadsUp helps sales and customer success teams grow revenue with data. We unite your data in the cloud data warehouse and empower you to use insights to convert, retain and upsell more users. For more information, contact Momo Ong at momo@headsup.ai.

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