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How PQLs drive revenue growth in PandaDoc’s freemium funnel

Bernard Desarnauts, PandaDoc's VP of Product, gave us an insider's peek into how PandaDoc leverages PQLs to achieve precise and efficient upsell

Mitchell Tan5 min read
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Chris Lauer: Product Led Sales as Slow Play — how to refine PQLs as your company evolves

Chris shares tips on building a successful PQL system from his past decade as a revenue leader at product-led growth pioneer Heroku

Mitchell Tan6 min read
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How HubSpot uses Product Qualified Leads to automate outreach and augment sales

We spoke to Rachel Leist, Senior Director of Marketing at HubSpot to get an insider's view into how Product Qualified Leads help drive the company's product-led growth engine

Mitchell Tan6 min read

5 Steps for Using Product Qualified Leads (& Why PQLs Win)

In this primer, we explain what Product Qualified Leads are and how you can use them to drive more effective upsell for your revenue teams

Mitchell Tan12 min read

How to identify users ready for upsell, with PQLs

A tactical guide on how to use product usage data to identify upsell opportunities

Earl Lee8 min read

How to define PQLs: A Cheatsheet for Product-Led Growth teams

A detailed how-to guide on defining PQLs for your PLG revenue teams

Earl Lee10 min read

The Ultimate Guide to Product Qualified Leads (PQLs)

Everything you need to know about PQLs - what they are, why you should care, and how to use them in your Product-Led revenue teams

Earl Lee6 min read

Product Qualified Leads (PQLs) are a better way to sell. So why aren’t more companies using them?

Product Qualified Leads (PQLs) are a better way to sell. So why aren't more companies using them?

Earl Lee9 min read

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